IDRAL corporate strategy aims at achieving high quality standards and also includes our 12,000 square meters factory, equipped with the latest technology. Here the most sophisticated equipment enables the development, implementation and testing of innovative products of aesthetic and technological value. The objective of IDRAL is to provide a high level production, to ensure the best quality and an excellence service to its customers.

The quality and the materials of the production IDRAL are constantly checked, tested and guaranteed by several international certifications that endorse our high quality, including the ISO 9001: 2008, EN 12164 and EN12168: 98 for turned items, EN 12165 for pressed items and EN1982: 2001 for the entire production of the foundry.


water-labelWATER LABEL, promoted by the CEIR (European Industry Association for valves and taps), is a new international classification system for measuring the water consumption of sanitary wares. Defining uniform criteria for measuring product performance in terms of water consumption, Water Label offers a simple and believable information to European customers about the products they buy, highlighting the most efficient ones.
IDRAL was the first Italian company to join in. Click here to learn more.