Shower heads

At Idral, we have developed numerous shower head solutions for public facilities, designed to ensure user safety and product durability. In particular, our shower heads are made of brass, a material that can ensure increased durability and high-quality standards, can resist both rust and corrosion and rarely needs replacing. We also offer anti-vandal shower heads, which once installed cannot be tampered with, and anti-hanging shower heads, whose inclined and smooth design offers no opportunity for committing this gesture.

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Wall-Mounted Shower Heads

We are always looking for new solutions to reduce cleaning and maintenance efforts for our products. For this reason, our catalogue also includes wall-mounted shower heads with anti-limescale nozzle. Shower heads spray water through small holes across their surface. Hard water carries residues that over time can cause these holes to become obstructed. To solve this problem, Idral’s wall-mounted shower heads are fitted with silicon anti-limescale teats, preventing residues from sticking and making for easier cleaning with a simple pass.

Lastly, in line with our green philosophy, all of our shower heads are fitted with 6 or 8 l water flow reducer, allowing to significantly cut down water consumption compared to standard alternatives on the market, featuring a minimum water flow of 10 l. Choosing one of our low water-flow shower heads translates into benefits for the both the planet and your purse. Hot water is one of the most significant service charges, one that the installation of more efficient shower heads will allow you to contain immediately, by reducing water consumption by 40% or even more! It is important to clarify that a reduced water flow does not mean low water pressure. Our models use a combination of small holes designed to create an adequate pressure, making the time spent under the shower even more pleasant.