Shower towers and panels

Idral’s shower columns and shower panels ensure high hygiene and comfort levels. Our shower columns and shower panels with self-closing or manual mixer tap are ideal for all types of public facilities, such as swimming pools, gyms, camping sites, spas and hotels. Idral’s shower columns come in the form of kits, comprising the necessary plumbing components and making installation easier, as no extensive masonry works are required and the various components are provided as a single kit rather than separately.

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Idral’s range comprises floor-mounted shower columns and wall-mounted shower panels, the result of a constant search for innovative and more effective functional and technical solutions. Our shower columns are mounted on the floor and are ideal for outdoor spaces, such as swimming pools and gardens. Our shower panels, instead, are mounted on the wall and are thought for changing rooms in gyms, swimming pools and sports facilities.

These products normally come with self-closing taps , as these allow to control water consumption and consequently costs. Our shower columns and panels feature a simple, minimal, streamlined design and will easily fit into any public space. Shower panels and columns are often installed in extreme conditions, in highly humid and saline environments. For this reason, we have also designed a line of stainless-steel products, that are highly resistant to these aggressive agents.

Idral’s shower columns also include solar showers which, as well as being fitted with self-closing taps limiting water consumption, are also able to heat water through sun exposure, thus reducing the amount of energy required and containing costs and CO2 emissions. If installed at locations with optimal temperatures, they can heat the water in the tank from 12° to 34° degrees Celsius in the space of one hour.