Idral’s shower taps include solutions to save water also in the shower. When choosing a shower tap, many elements should be taken into consideration, including valve characteristics, configuration and water pressure. Whatever the type of public facility, Idral has the ideal solution for your needs, also offering a wide range of styles and finishes for the best aesthetical fit.

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Thermostatic Shower Mixers

At Idral, we have developed a wide range of thermostatic shower taps for public facilities, which are more robust and are designed to meet the needs of these environments. In these facilities, it is essential that user safety is ensured and scalding is avoided at all costs. For this reason, our shower mixers are designed to allow a maximum water temperature of 38° degrees Celsius and control temperature fluctuations. If other customers are using the system, hot water is immediately shut off in case of loss of cold-water supply and vice versa.

Self-Closing Shower Taps

At Idral, we offer a range of automatic and electronic self-closing shower taps, designed to limit shower time and thus maintain costs under control by reducing water consumption. Conventional shower taps are often left open for longer than necessary, leading to wasting both water and the energy required to heat it. On the contrary, self-closing shower taps allow to save on both water and energy.

Finally, our range includes convenient kits, combining several elements into a single system: the shower tap or mixer tap, the connection hoses and the spouts. The main benefit of choosing our kits is that they greatly simplify installation.