Casa Aurora, Day Center for young people with disability, Italy

Casa Aurora, Day Center for young people with disability, Italy Aurora is a day center designed for young people with disabilities that has recently been renovated and expanded. The project has had a huge impact since its creation, because it is a positive part of the local community and it solved the problem of the […]

Hospital in Rome

Hospital in Rome Thanks to the collaboration with one of our important partners, we are pleased to be present with our electronic taps and dispensers in a huge hospital in Rome, with more than 1500 employees. With this volume of users , it was essential to use durable and hygienic solutions, especially designed for large […]

Riuniti Hospitals, Reggio Calabria, Italy

Riuniti Hospitals, Reggio Calabria, Italy The “Bianchi-Melacrino” hospitals, better known as the “Riuniti” hospitals, represent the main health facility in the city of Reggio Calabria, Italy. The hospital of Reggio Calabria took the name of “Ospedali Riuniti” because it brings together the Storpi hospital and the Civic Hospital. The construction work began on April 2, […]

Nursing home, Vercelli

Nursing home, Vercelli The “SS. Filippo and Giorgio nursing home” is a facility for self-sufficient seniors as well as for those who are not, which is located in Valduggia, Piedmont, Italy. It provides nursing and physiotherapy personalized assistance 24 hours. In recent years it has been completed remodeled for bringing the facility up to standard […]

“Nelson Mandela” children hospital in South Africa

“Nelson Mandela” children hospital in South Africa We are proud to be part with our taps of the new hospital for kids dreamed by Nelson Mandela. His dream of building a state of-the art, specialized pediatric facility to serve the children of South Africa has been realized. Designed to feel light, bright and less intimidating […]

Hospital SS.Trinità, Borgomanero (NO)

Hospital SS.Trinità, Borgomanero (NO) Hospitals can be a daunting place for children. Designing the pediatric areas taking this psychological aspect into consideration can make all the difference to bored, apprehensive children. The first thought that can come to your mind can be some bright, colourful play equipment, but their experience can go further and include […]

Martini Hospital, Turin

Martini Hospital, Turin IDRAL specializes in products for public restrooms, such as self-closing taps, and offers hospitals-specific solutions. We have, indeed, a wide presence in medical institutions. With its 16 departments, the Martini Hospital in Turin is one of the most important health centers in the city. The facility provides assistance to patients with various […]