Punti di Vista Restaurant, Italy

Lake Orta is a magical place, at the foot of the Italian Alps, where time seems to have stopped. At the northern end of the lake, you can find the Punti di vista restaurant, located in a spectacular position on the Omegna lakefront. Born from the long experience in the hospitality industry of the owners, […]

Service Area in Mestre (Italy)

Located on the Mestre highway, this service area is very busy. That is why, for the renovation of the bathrooms it was a priority to find durable solutions, capable of guaranteeing the well-being of the users. In addition, they wanted to create state-of-the-art bathrooms that were both comfortable and appealing by incorporating aesthetically pleasing, touch-free […]

Manuelina’s Bakery, Italy

Manuelina’s bakery, Italy With more than 40 years of history, this pastry shop is a point of reference for its delicious creations. The recent renovation of the shop includes several Idral’s solutions for public bathrooms, with the aim of creating a hygienic, safe and accessible space. “Touchless” solutions as a synonym of hygiene and sustainability […]

McDonald’s restaurants in Morocco

McDonald’s restaurants in Morocco Idral’s electronic taps offer hygiene and water saving to MacDonald’s restaurants in Morocco. When you have customer traffic like this famous restaurant chain, the priorities are hygiene, reliability and water saving, in order to maintain the corporate image even in conditions of intense use. This is why they chose the ONE […]

Lake Maggiore Restaurant, Italy

RESTAURANT ON LAKE MAGGIORE, ITALY Usually, when we think of pedal taps, hospitals or professional kitchens come to mind, but the applications of this solution go beyond, as in the case of this restaurant that choose them for the bathrooms. Pedal taps are easy to use, resistant and economical. Besides, they reduce water waste, resulting […]

Restaurant in an old Spanish home

Retro look for restaurant in an old Spanish home Retro Design is one of the biggest up and coming trends of the last years, for public and commercial restrooms, too. Here is an example of public restrooms that fit perfectly the flair of this restaurant in an old Spanish house. The pink and white tiles […]

Mexican Restaurant, Spain

RISTORANTE CHAPULIN – TENERIFE SPAGNA The Chapulin restaurant is a reference point of Mexican gastronomy in the Canary Islands, thanks to the authenticity of the recipes and the quality of the ingredients. Recently, the restaurant has been renovated to give the façade and the hall an even more original flavor and transport customers on a […]

Self closing Taps in Industrial-style bar, UK

Self closing Taps in Industrial-style bar This bar is a splendid landmark of Leeds nightlife (England). It was completely renovated in 2017, with great attention to details. Not only the owners had to redo completely the floors to adapt the plumbing, but they also changed the layout of the stairs, giving more impact to the […]

Del Ponte Restaurant, Milan Italy

Del Ponte Restaurant, Milan Today we went to the Ligurian restaurant Del Ponte, in via Decembrio in Milan, and we found our infrared taps in the bathrooms of this nice space, which wants to create “An authentic, genuine, true atmosphere”. The installation is beautiful and fresh and the taps with a simple and soft line complete […]

Del Cambio Restaurant, Turin Italy

Restaurant Del Cambio, Turin This restaurant is one of the cornerstones of Turin history. Founded in 1757, it was the favorite restaurant of Count Camillo Benso di Cavour and of the Italian high society and beyond: Nietzsche, Verdi, Puccini, De Amicis and many others enjoyed its halls. Previous Next In 2014, this restaurant opened its […]