Pedal taps by Idral: 40 years of history of a revolutionary innovation.

The year 1982: Sandro Pertini is the president of Italy, Pope John Paul II is at the Vatican and the Italian soccer team won their third world title by beating Argentina, Brazil, and Germany in the finals. Grace Kelly disappears in a car accident over Monte Carlo and Prince William (son of Diana and Charles) […]

Innovation for public restrooms after covid19

What has changed since Covid-19 in the design of public spaces The Covid-19 pandemic had devastating consequences that changed profoundly people, organizations and in general our way of life. Despite the current situation, the history of past epidemics and crises suggests that possibly the human being is capable of finding new solutions. After all, necessity is the […]

Idral at your service for the design of bathrooms open to the public

Idral has 50 years of know-how in the design and production of sanitary taps for public spaces and professional kitchens. Thanks to the constant presence on the international market, we are able to keep up to date in a industry in continuous evolution. Today the customer is increasingly demanding and is looking for products specific […]

Innovation applied to taps and sanitary ware


At Idral we are committed to the innovation and the continuous improvement of our products because this leads us to offer better options to meet the needs of an increasingly demanding and informed end user. The research and development processes that we carry out for our taps and sanitary ware have a wide application spectrum. […]

Customized taps

Do you have an idea for a product intended for public spaces? In Idral we can develop it and produce it for you. This choice gives you many advantages: the possibility of getting a tailor-made solution, with development and project consultancy, prototyping and industrialization, customization; after-sales support, with training courses, tutorials, product sheets and assembly […]

New design, 3D printing and software simulation technologies

Innovation in tapware design Using a rather simplistic and reductive definition, a TAP could be described as a device designed to shut off, regulate and resume the flow of a liquid through a pipe. But what expectations should a tap meet? The answer is anything but simple. Taps have become complex, high-performance systems that are […]