Professional and industrial kitchens: hygiene measures for the “new normality”

Professional kitchens are the heart of any restaurant, catering, take away or food-delivery and are a central part of the service in a hotel, school cafeteria, work canteen,… The challenges of the post COVID-19 era require some considerations to restart the business in total safety. How to adapt professional kitchens to the post COVID-19 era […]

Idral infrared taps: protection against cross-contamination and legionella. Even at home.

How can the Idral Infrared tap prevent different types of infection, including Covid19? Simple: we know that the virus is able to survive several days on certain materials (less on metals such as steel, much more on wood, paper and cardboard) and, consequently, the less we touch objects the better. Today, contactless technology become particularly […]

The importance of hygiene in schools and kindergartens

School has now begun, students have returned behind the desks for this new school year. Teens and children will live together for many hours every day, and they will share desks, classrooms and … bathrooms. Bathrooms, as demonstrated by numerous scientific researches, can be full of germs and bacteria. In these environments, the innocence of […]

Electronic taps also for domestic use

A person consumes about 300 litres of water every day, and many of these are wasted, leaving the tap open while brushing the teeth, or lathering in the shower, or even while loading the dishwasher. How can we avoid waste, doing the environment a favour, and significantly reduce the water bill at the same time? […]