What we do

We help companies like yours to transit an idea into products for successful public areas:

  1. High quality, tailored solutions: we are able to design customised solutions for hi-tech items, manufactured in small or large batches, even including pilot prototypes, solving any technical and development issue.
  2. One single reliable partner for premium hi-tech products: Our skilled and multilingual staff are available to accompany the client along every stage of the project and to offer aftersales assistance, including technical and sales training sessions for the customer’s staff.
  3. Flexibility and time-to-market maximisation: we are able to manufacture our products in a smooth-running manner, with a know-how built through experience, continuous research and technology, streamlining the communication process that with a larger supplier could be difficult for the partner.
  4. Wider offer with items that are specific for public areas and successful, innovative products. This will increase your business with a significant revenue, thanks to our technical, production and sales skills that we acquired over 50 year of experience. Moreover, we give access to cutting-edge technologies: we constantly look for new, effective and efficient solutions that allow to improve the performance of the products.

Idral is the best choice if you want to develop a sanitary product with your own brand

Do you have an idea for a new sanitary product? Contact us and we will help you making it true.

    How we do it

    We have the necessary experience to turn your idea into a great product and we are excellent at managing manufacturing and logistics. Through our long experience we defined an efficient process for the development of new products in 5 stages:

    1. Defining the goal

    We define the specs at the base of our development work, typically organising 1 to 3 meetings with our technicians.

    2. Design

    We boast 50 years of experience in designing solutions for public toilets, striving to meet the needs of customers worldwide.

    3. Test

    We manufacture prototypes and we have testing facilities at our production plant.

    4. Industrialization

    We manufacture in our plant in Italy, which enables us to ensure control, interaction and maximisation through each stage of the product development. Also, we have a thick network of skilled suppliers who make our production capacity truly flexible.

    5. Logistics and aftersales

    We are able to manage your entire logistics and training of your sales force, your technicians and your customers.