Excellence in the Production and Quality Control of Taps and Sanitary Ware

The reliability of taps plays a crucial role in residential, public, and commercial hydraulic systems. The assurance of controlled water flow, leak prevention, and user safety directly depend on the quality of these devices. In this context, quality controls and tests emerge as fundamental elements. They not only ensure the compliance of taps with rigorous production standards but also guarantee their efficiency, durability, and safety of use.

Quality is a fundamental pillar in IDRAL’s production approach, from the beginning of the design process to the packaging phase. In line with the highest standards, the company implements rigorous quality controls based on the ISO 9001:15 standard, following detailed procedures and specific instructions. The primary goal of these controls is to ensure the compliance of raw materials, technical materials, semi-finished products, and finished products with internally established or customer-specified requirements.

IDRAL adopts a preventive approach, ensuring that materials and components from external suppliers are compliant before being used and processed. Sourcing is exclusively from qualified suppliers recognized for their ability to provide high-quality products.

During production, whether automatic or semi-automatic, all controls are carried out and recorded according to planned procedures for different processing phases. The product’s transition to the next processing phase occurs only after successfully completing the checks.

Dimensional Control:

Dimensional control plays a crucial role, verifying the conformity of the produced parts with the drawings issued by the technical office. This includes checking dimensions according to specified tolerances.

Visual Control:

Simultaneously, visual controls focus on identifying manufacturing defects and evaluating the quality of surface treatments, such as chrome plating or cleaning. They are also essential for verifying that operations commissioned to suppliers have been successfully executed. For this reason, visual controls are performed when parts return to the manufacture (Incoming Inspection) and during manual assembly at the workstation.

Functional Tests:

Functional tests or trials are an essential phase in the production of complex systems. IDRAL conducts tests primarily on assembly to verify that these have been executed correctly. In addition to joint sealing tests, which traditionally represent the majority of tests in plumbing, IDRAL performs several additional operating tests based on product characteristics.

Pic.1 Air tightness test machine "SINNOS" for testing the seal of sanitary ceramic products

Types of tests:

  • Air tightness test (under vacuum) for sanitary ceramic products

  • Air tightness test (under pressure) for products with electronic valves

  • Water tightness, flow, and timing tests at the temperature and pressure expected for all timed-closure taps

  • Water tightness, flow, and correct mixing tests with additional safety verification for all thermostatic valves produced by IDRAL

Pic.2 Test screen for thermostatic products with input data and after mixing
Pic.3 Conditioning plant for incoming water
Pic.4 Testing plant from the rear

In conclusion, IDRAL’s distinction lies in its extraordinary dedication to allocating considerable time and resources to quality control and testing of its products. This commitment is not just a process but a promise towards excellence. Through meticulous attention to each phase, from material sourcing to production and functional testing, the company strives to deliver taps that surpass conventional standards. This targeted investment translates into significant value for customers, ensuring not only the maximum reliability of products but also their lasting satisfaction, minimized maintenance costs, and, above all, safety for end users. In a landscape where quality is crucial, IDRAL emerges as a pioneer, demonstrating that a commitment to quality is the anchor on which lasting success and customer trust rest.

Trust us to ensure safety, reliability, and satisfaction in public and commercial bathrooms. Choose excellence, choose IDRAL.

by Eng. J. Schweitzer

Head of Operations