Depending on the model, CRP2 – 6V Lithium batteries or “AA” – 1.5V alkaline batteries are used. Further information are available on the technical data sheets of the individual products.

The duration varies depending on the conditions and the frequency of use, as well as on the type of battery.
In general:
CRP2 – 6V lithium battery about 220,000 cycles
“AA” Alkaline 1,5V battery about 150,000 cycles

If the battery is low, the front LED will flash and the tap will be blocked on close position. You will then need to replace the battery to restore normal operation.

Yes, you can replace the battery with our 230V mains power supply which can be ordered as a spare part.

The taps are pre-set in the factory and do not require adjustments during installation. To solve problems due to particular installation conditions, it is possible to recalibrate the sensor by following the video tutorial on our YouTube page

Yes, we provide the taps connected to the mains with our power supply, equipped with an Anti Blackout device, which guarantees the closure of the flow (as in standard UNI EN 15091)

The body of our electronic taps is made entirely of brass or stainless steel which allow them to be used intensively in public environments; to avoid flooding attempts, a safety device blocks the tap after 60sec of continuous flow.

The only possible variation by the management is the manual modification of the infrared distance, which can be done by reconnecting the power supply. The related video, illustrating how to do it, is available on our website and on the Idral YouTube page. Further programming changes will be possible only using a specific reprogramming remote control, supplied by us.