All pedal control taps close progressively to protect from water hammer effect.
With the exception of models with automatic-locking system, the water stops immediately.

Yes, all our pedals are supplied with a stainless steel mesh filter to be installed in the power supply. In order to ease cleaning and maintenance we recommend to mount taps with integrated filter.

Water hammer is a shock that is generated by inertia of a fluid when the flow is suddenly shut-off.
Pedals are manufactured with a progressive closing system that allows to prevent this phenomenon.
This phenomenon can be limited by creating a more linear water path.

Yes, the item is supplied with the fixing kit.

The code for the cartridges of models 02061, 02066, 02064 and 02064/68 are:
Hot and cold water – code 02083

The code for the cartridges of models 02070 and 02072/90 are:
Hot water – art. code 02091C;
Cold water – art. code 02091F.

Yes, it is possible to use the floor tap also with wall connection and vice versa, replacing the control pedal and the fixings.
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