Features of thermostatic progressive mixers and advantages vs the “traditional” thermostatic mixers



How does a thermostatic mixer work and what is it?

Mixers with thermostatic cartridge have been widely used for decades in the bathrooms of our houses, and in the public facilities such as hospitals and sport centres, where they are used both at local level (on the output point, with maximum comfort for the user who can independently adjust the temperature), and at system level (mixer for communities with pre-set temperature by the provider).
Focussing on the more traditional mixers, they are normally equipped with a ceramic discs valve or a timed-stop cartridge for the opening and closing of water; a second rotary control with graduated scale adjusts the temperature.

A rotation lock with a button limits the water outlet temperature at 38 °C (UNI EN 1111:2017) to prevent scalding: in order to get higher temperatures, the button has to be pushed voluntarily.
The main function of the thermostatic cartridge is to adjust independently the supply of hot and cold water in order to distribute it at the temperature chosen by the user. Pursuant to the regulation, the water supply must stop or at least be reduced to the minimum in the event of a hot or cold supply failure. Failure to keep the set temperature, might cause the user serious damages, especially if cold water supply is failing.
We might think the highest level of safety and comfort has been achieved, but could we not do better?
The answer is YES!

The thermostatic progressive mixer

IDRAL 09110 and 09125 thermostatic mixers have been designed to improve the safety and comfort standards, with special attention to the needs of professional and/or high risk users.
The cartridge has been designed to comply with the English regulation TMV3, that defines significantly stricter safety criteria compared to the current European regulation UNI EN 1111:2017. Great importance is given to the safety lock, both if cold and HOT WATER are failing.
The maximum outlet temperature can also be adjusted via a rotating mechanical lock that for safety reasons is not accessible to the user.
The progressive control allows to open and blend the water with one SINGLE ROTATING MOVEMENT: the output can therefore be managed using one hand.
Thanks to the long lever it is not necessary to touch the tap with the hands, thus ensuring utmost hygiene also in difficult environments (operating theatres, clinics).
The special SANIJET faucet aerator and the very smooth inner surfaces avoid the deposit of impurities coming from the system thus preventing the proliferation of bacteria and biofilm. The special materials used also allow the mixer to bear the high temperatures of “ANTI-LEGIONELLA” disinfection cycles, that are often used for the maintenance of large systems.
A single coaxial control allows to manufacture a thermostatic mixer with a design that until today was exclusive to the traditional “single-control” with ceramic discs cartridge, making room for the imagination of designers.
While opening, the progressive control ALWAYS supplies completely cold water, thus avoiding the waste of energy caused by hot or mixed water supplies that are not requested.
The flow limiters on the supply stabilise the operation of the thermostatic cartridge and ensure a controlled and constant water consumption.
In conclusion, the thermostatic progressive mixer is a significant step further in the water management for personal use, in terms of safety as well as cost/environmental awareness.
With the purpose of innovation and continuous improvement, IDRAL will always go further in order to find new ways and to offer an increasingly better service to the customers, in line with their expectations and up to date with technological evolution and the surrounding world.