How to choose the best urinal for commercial restrooms

Today, hygiene has become a very important topic. To respond to this need, commercial spaces are increasingly using contactless technologies, especially for bathrooms where the high frequency of use requires solutions that guarantee safety and cleanliness.

This means that designers and technicians have to consider many user-centric and technical/functional requirements in high traffic facilities.

One very interesting solution is the electronic urinal that allows users to control the flush without having to physically touch anything, reducing the risk of cross-contamination. In addition, electronic urinals are also energy efficient and eco-friendly, as they dispense water only when needed and in very limited quantities.

It is, therefore, important to take several aspects into consideration when choosing a urinal, such as technical features, costs (in the short and long run) and user safety.

Technical features.

Not all urinals are the same. Technical characteristics such as the shape and the flushing options can vary and have pros and cons which you can find out in the post “Commercial restroom urinals: options, features, pros and cons.”. Some are larger, some are rounded, still others are square or rectangular. The important thing is that they are ergonomic to ensure better cleaning and hygiene. Before selecting the urinals, it is important to measure the area where they will be installed and to consider how many urinals to install in order to find the best solution. In fact, urinals require less space than a toilet and they can be separated by simple panels, allowing you to use space more efficiently and to accommodate a greater number of users with a consequent reduction in waiting times.

Cost savings.

You should consider the cost and the savings that can be obtained thanks to less waste of water and energy. Your best bet is to look for practical, well-designed urinals like the STYLE electronic ceramic urinal (item 02524), which is durable and it saves water thanks to the electronic control. Using less water translates into savings in management costs and, obviously, a lower impact on the environment.

Safety and user experience.

You can still select urinals with flush handles, but to ensure better safety and hygiene for users, we recommend choosing timed or electronic solutions. The big difference between the systems is that those with infrared sensors release the water after each use and some, like our 02524 STYLE series electronic urinal, have an automatic flushing system every 24 hours which reduces the risk of proliferation of germs and bacteria.

Idral's solutions.

Idral’s electronic urinals improve hygiene in any public and commercial bathroom, they are manufactured to give great performance, they last over time and they are easy to install, all while saving water, time and money. Find your solution in our wide range, or contact us and find out how we can help you make the best choice.