Idral 2020



50 years of tradition in sanitary wares and fittings that lead us towards the future made of people, innovation and digitalization.

By Riccardo Poletti

Idral Sales Director

Trends in the sanitary wares and fittings market

2020 is a particularly important year for us because the company turns 50 and new scenarios full of challenges and opportunities open up. In fact, this year we expect to consolidate the positive trend of 2019: according to CRESME, which presented the new economic report on the construction sector, the data confirm the consolidation of the positive trend of investments related to the renewal of existing real estate assets; Above all, the public sector is the driving force of this trend and we expect that the taps and the sanitary wares industry in general will also benefit of these investments. Overall, CRESME forecasts a general growth of +3% of the total investments (new construction and renewal) in 2019, and + 2.4% in 2020 and +2% in 2021 in Italy. Furthermore, our constant presence on the international market leads us to have a positive growth and opens up new opportunities and challenges that drives us to develop and create new products to meet our clients’ needs.

4.0 Industry

Corporate investments follow the needs of the market which is constantly on the move and requires immediate response and rapid change. This year Idral faces the market with a new internal production system that has transformed dramatically the old ways of working. Thanks to the investments made last year, we are turning into a 4.0 industry and today we are ready to face new challenges and offer to our customers a much more efficient support, with faster and more punctual responses.

In addition, with the new automatic warehouse for the storage of all our components and the help of robots we are able to work in real time, that means “on request”, and to adapt the product according to customer needs, and even producing a customized tap. Working with 70 countries in the world, this choice had become imperative and it is the winning strategy to keep up with what the markets require.

Furthermore, one of the main activities Idral has been doing for years is to check the market and constantly update products and services: the knowledge of our skills, the constant relationship with partners, as well as the professional skills of the staff, are essential to better understand the market positioning and improve our products and services.

Innovation and digitalization

We will continue to focus on innovation and continuous improvement. Thanks to our customers who have been part of our family for years and to all our staff who is more and more skilled, we are able to keep developing taps and sanitary fixtures with new technologies and cutting-edge materials. Our research and development office is constantly looking for new materials and technologies.

In March we will be present at the Milan Expo Comfort Fair: we will be part of the special area dedicated to companies that offer innovative solutions, aiming to save water and energy. There, we will present a new electronic anti-legionella system for remote controlled water supply, which will have several solutions for data collection and the possibility of being programmed according to the needs of buildings open to the public, such as hospitals, health facilities, hotels, retirement homes, campsites etc.

Another important event for us will be the “CERSAIE” Bologna Fair in September 2020 where we will be present several innovative products designed to save water and to guarantee accessibility and hygiene in public spaces.

Our new, easy to consult website has been active since June 2019. Here you can also download all the product data sheets and view all the news that we post regularly.

Personalized services

We will continue the path started last year to support designers and architects thanks to our technical promoter who, in addition to visiting and informing about our solutions, he offers support with site visits, he develops specifications, he suggests solutions and he solves problems concerning the execution of some projects. Besides, during the Milan Expo Comfort Fair we will present our new catalog dedicated to designers. It will explain the potential of Idral and suggest the best solutions by showing our references in healthcare and accommodation facilities in the world, always focusing on saving water and offering better hygiene.

Thank you for being part of the IDRAL family…

Faithful to our tradition we will continue to work to ensure the satisfaction of people: our customers, our staff, our collaborators and suppliers. We are grateful to be able to celebrate with you all the wonderful results obtained together in these 50 years, with the enthusiasm of Knowing that a future full of opportunities awaits us.