IDRAL for social


Our values ​​have old roots and have been transmitted through the company history and through the history of our society and our surroundings. For years, IDRAL has been committed to contributing to social and cultural activities, that promote the growth of solid cooperation and solidarity values.


Some of these efforts include the sponsorship of sport events because we believe that sport can pass on timeless values ​​such as honesty and team spirit, which are  the foundations of a healthy society. IDRAL is sponsoring Basketball Camp Valsesia Arona (NO), Fermignano (PU) basketball team, Gargallo (NO) running trail and the Italian Optimist League, specifically in Meina (NO), supporting the school of small boat reserved for the young sailors,

We sponsor as well a national project we feel especially close to our values, since it focuses on the complete accessibility of public infrastructures of any kind.


The “guaranteed Mobility Project” (Italian PMG) was born with the ambition for directing governmental and private resources towards a single goal: ensuring better accessibility to the weaker members of the community such as the elderly and people with reduced mobility. The project is sponsored locally by the Association of Volunteers AUSER Borgomanero (NO) and IDRAL participated in the purchase of special vehicles for the Association.

Moving across the world, we found an initiative that we supported enthusiastically: the “Masango Project”. It was launched in 2007 thanks to Orta San Giulio Rotary Club, which, over the years, has gathered financial and material resources (medical equipment, beds, pipes, tiles …) to provide the Masango people with better public infrastructure and food. IDRAL participated in the project donating sanitary wares for the development of a new water service.


IDRAL has also sponsored cultural events such as the hundredth anniversary of Ardito Desio. He was an explorer and a geologist born in 1897. He was highly decorated, both in Italy and abroad, and he made history by winning the K2 at the head of a CNR expedition (1954). The celebrations were organized by the Department of Earth Sciences of the University of Milan (in collaboration with the CNR and IDRAL) and were held in Rome at the Accademia dei Lincei.


IDRAL also helps constantly “Action Aid” an international organization, working with over 15 million people in 45 countries for a world free from poverty and injustice.