Infrared taps: many needs, one solution.



In commercial restrooms, taps must be efficient and at the same time pleasing to the eye. But with the right taps, different needs are not a problem, and Idral’s infrared taps respect everything and everyone.

Why infrared taps?

Today, minimizing contact in one of the busiest spaces in any facility is more critical than ever, and Idral’s sensor technology is the answer.

Find the right infrared tap for you.


With our electronic taps you don’t need to touch anything, so you can avoid cross-contamination, i.e. the direct or indirect  transfer of dirt on an object.


No contact also means no water splashes and no soap scum. Besides, our infrared taps are particularly easy to clean, thanks also to their polished design.

Fewer germs

The automatic rinse system of our sensor taps discharges stagnant water every 24 hours after the last use, preventing the spread of legionella.


Taps in commercial bathrooms must be accessible and barrier-free for children, seniors, and people with low mobility. Our sensor taps make hand washing easy for everyone.


We guarantee safety for public facilities managers, as our infrared taps have an automatic water shut-off system. If someone blocks the tap, intentionally or not, the system closes the water flow after 60 seconds.


The water and the energy needed to heat it have an impact on the environment and on your costs. Therefore, we design our taps to reduce waste because they ensure that water only flows when it is needed. Watch this video:

Our latest infrared taps

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Case Histories

Here are some examples of projects where our infrared taps have been installed.

Commercial Buildings: BT Center Hong Kong
Hotels: Residence Club Primula Italy
Campsites: Azur Wertheim Germany
Private residences: Lake Maggiore Italy
Schools: Kindergarten Mesenzana Italy
Restaurants: Del Ponte Restaurant Italy

Barbara Kohlreiter
Export Coordinator