Innovation applied to taps and sanitary ware



At Idral we are committed to the innovation and the continuous improvement of our products because this leads us to offer better options to meet the needs of an increasingly demanding and informed end user. The research and development processes that we carry out for our taps and sanitary ware have a wide application spectrum. In fact, our innovation not only refers to the functionality of the products, but also to technology, design, materials and water and energy saving.

Technological innovation

Technological innovation: digitization for taps

From this point of view we are focusing on the digitalization of our taps, in particular on aspects such as remote control and big data in order to be able to give answers to current and important problems such as Legionellosis, a bacterium that can threaten human life, and which is not completely eradicated from the water systems of public and private buildings.

Functional innovation

Functional innovation: new features for taps and sanitary fixtures

At Idral we like to do things well, but also we constantly put ourselves on the line to improve products and processes. In fact, our technical office is always looking for new and better features for our taps and sanitary fixtures.

One of the achievement we are particularly proud of, being a unique solution on the market, is the self-closing thermostatic cartridge, which is capable of controlling both the opening time of the water and its temperature in a single small compact device reducing the size of the thermostatic self-closing tap and opening a horizon of possibilities for its application.

Another recent example of our innovation is the “4all” multifunctional sink which brings together the water, soap and air dispenser in a single panel, facilitating the end user experience.

Material research

Materials innovation: new materials for better results

Working in almost 70 countries around the world, we have to work with different material standards and find specific solutions for each market.

This know-how allows us to know which materials are best suited to users’ needs and to keep improving our offer and experimenting with new materials.

For example, in our range of products we have included a line of taps and handles in stainless steel, an ideal material for humid environments.

Design innovation

Design innovation to make public spaces beautiful and welcoming

Although the need for excellent product performance is a priority in public restrooms, we know that these environments are becoming increasingly welcoming and glamorous. Here the user can not only find functionality, but he also looks for elegance and style.

This is why our research also focuses on design. An example is our satin black electronic tap, the perfect solution to give charm and modernity to a bathroom open to the public.

Eco-friendly solutions

Water and energy saving innovation

Water is one of the vital elements for the survival of life on earth, so one of our priorities is to develop solutions that allow you to save water and energy.

An example are the solar showers recently launched on the market that allow you to heat the water thanks to solar panels and are equipped with self-closing taps that reduce water waste.

And these are just few examples:

our research never stops in order to offer innovative answers to the market and the end user.

If you don’t believe it, put us to the test: we will be happy to offer solutions to your needs too!