Maintenance of Electronic and Timed Taps: Complete Guide

Idral has been a leader in the commercial and public tap sector for over 50 years. The evolution of IDRAL products over time has led to increasingly innovative solutions with high technological content. For this reason, we recognize the importance of sharing our technical knowledge with our customers to ensure their utmost satisfaction. To this end, we regularly publish updated instructions for maintaining our products, enabling anyone to independently manage their plumbing efficiently, whether it’s in a school, hospital, or restaurant.

In this article, we will focus on two widely used product categories in our sector: electronic taps with photocell sensors and timed taps.

Electronic Taps with Photocell Sensors

The key feature of electronic taps is that the connection scheme is uniform for all our products. The sensor is connected to the power supply on one side and controls the solenoid valve that regulates the water flow on the other. These connections use waterproof kcc fittings to prevent any incorrect connections.

NOTE: All solenoid valves used by IDRAL are bistable, meaning they can't change their state without a current pulse. All our power supplies have a backup battery inside to ensure the tap closes in case of power failure.

Idral offers three types of photocell sensors:

  1. Programmable Sensor: This type of sensor allows for customization of parameters such as operating logic, comfort timing, and forced closure. It comes with standard programming, which can be modified by our Authorized Service Centres.
  2. Simple Version: This sensor is factory pre-set and only allows for modification of the detection distance by the user.
  3. WC (Toilet): Exclusively designed for bathroom use, it requires a specific power supply with a high-frequency transformer for higher update rates.


It’s important to note that photocell sensors don’t simply activate when a person is in front of them. The operating logics vary depending on the type of tap:

  • Sink: Activates with the presence of a person and closes when the person exits the detection zone.
  • Shower: Works like a timed switch, activates with the presence of a hand at 3/8 cm (hand passage) and closes after a subsequent pass at the same distance or after 60 seconds.

  • WC and Urinal: Activates the flush only after the person has remained in the detection zone for more than 5 seconds and subsequently moves away. The flush will only activate after the person exits the detention zone.

The key parameter for the correct functioning of the tap is the “detection distance,” which specifies the distance at which the hand must be to open the water. This parameter can be manually recalibrated without the need for specific tools.

An explanatory video is available on Idral’s YouTube channel: Link to Video.

Additionally, we provide this Guide for the most common issues with electronic taps.

Timed Taps

Timed taps are another crucial category in the sector. Regardless of the type of product, Idral’s timed tap cartridge uses a proven technology based on pressure balancing. The operation is as follows, regardless of the type of product, cartridge, size, or technologies that offer greater user comfort, Idral’s timed tap cartridge always operates with the same technology.

  • In Figure 1, you can see the timed cartridge in the closed position. In the detailed section next to it in the cross-sectional view, you can see the timing glass that is divided by a lip gasket into two parts, part 1 and 2.
  • During the button press (Figure 2), the bottom part of the glass (2) is emptied of water. Upon release of the button, the spring under the cap creates a vacuum in this part of the glass that can only be filled through the timing channel (detail A).
  • The gradual filling of the bottom part of the glass corresponds to the timing of the cartridge.

È importante sapere che la temporizzazione è sempre indicata nelle schede tecniche del prodotto, le schede sono scaricabili sul sito

It’s important to know that the timing is always indicated in the technical sheets of the product, which can be downloaded from the website on the product page.

Why is it important to have this data? Idral tests the taps 100% and tests them according to specific parameters indicated on the technical sheets. Variations in parameters such as dynamic pressure and temperature can affect tap performance.

In this case as well, we provide a logical diagnostic diagram that, along with our instructions, allows anyone to maintain their timed tap efficiently.

We hope this article has been helpful and enjoyable to read. In case of further needs, we invite you to consult the website, where you will find all the necessary information, including technical sheets, instructions, and spare parts sheets for our products.

Valerio Lai

Project & Development Coordinator