New electronic taps with a modern design and cutting-edge technology



Idral develops innovative solutions to make public bathrooms more modern and up to date.

At Idral we are always paying attention to the industry trends and we actively gather information from the market and from design studies; we collect insights staying in constant communication with specialized architecture firms. This allows us to have a clear vision on the future of the tap and sanitary ware industry. The attention to the future is our starting point to launch a series of attractive products, in line with the market needs that will define the public bathroom design for the coming years.

Design of the new 545 electronic taps

The NEW 545 electronic taps are a winning and modern solution. They are a bathroom component that, like a furniture, has a simple functionality with an appealing aesthetics that is able to make the public bathroom elegant and modern. In fact, the details are more and more important for this space, too. The Line 545 includes the TAP and the MIXER versions.
The simple and captivating design, the ergonomic shape and the extended position of the spout allow the 545 products to replace the traditional swan neck taps, offering easier handling and simplifying the daily cleaning and maintenance.


The increased length of the dispenser compared to the traditional ” swan-neck ” taps facilitates the access to the water flow for the end user. Besides, it increases the possibility for installing the product in any type of washbasin. This is very useful if it has to be mounted on washbasins with irregular or atypical shapes.

Ergonomic shape of the tap

The smooth, rounded and scratch-resistant surface with the ergonomic design without edges facilitates the daily cleaning, making it simple and fast. Today this aspect appears to be an important element for the choice of the design and the furnishings of the public bathrooms.
The coating gives resistance to chemical agents and excellent durability.

Water and energy savings

The tap combines three main features:

  • Limiting the flow rate at 6l/min from the spout which defines a maximum flow rate able to supply the ideal amount of water for the correct use of the tap and allowing over 70% water saving compared to a traditional tap;
  • Infra Red sensor programmed for PRESENCE DETECTION, able to supply water only when needed;
  • Low energy consumption electronics with the possibility of dual power supply (interchangeable) with four 1.5V batteries in IP65 watertight case and 230V-6V anti blackout transformer.

Hygiene and Safety

  • Bacterial prevention, no manual contact with the product to guarantee hygiene;
  • Automatic anti-legionella cycle programmed with specific recurring flow;
  • Vandal-proof system: the control system of the tap stops automatically the flow of water after a continuous 60sec usage;
  • Low battery block: the tap does not supply water if the detected voltage is insufficient to guarantee closure;
  • Maximum temperature block, adjustable by authorized personnel through the movement of the mixing stick;
  • Body not in contact with water.