Lately, technologically advanced taps, such as thermostatic mixers and infrared taps have become mainstream, but foot taps with pedal control continue to be chosen because they are easy to use, low-cost, and reliable. We designed our foot taps to last over time and to be easy to maintain, without the need for specific technical knowledge. The maintenance that you may need over time essentially depends on the normal use or on the damage caused by the dirt coming from the pipes, especially when no supply filters have been installed (or incorrect installation). Let’s see below the most frequent problems and how to solve them:

1) PROBLEM: poor water supply or inefficient mixing (hot water at low temperature).
The maximum flow of water and its correct mixing (when it is the case) are linked to the complete run of the shutter valve (1), pressed by the lever through a self-lubricating plastic screw (2); over time, the latter could wear out, reducing the effective run of the valve. When necessary, the screw can be adjusted with a 12mm spanner, unscrewing it until it comes into contact with the valve and resetting the control lever. This operation can be performed by the end user, without the need to involve a specialized technician.

2) PROBLEM: with the pedal down, the water flow doesn’t close, or it is delayed.
As a consequence of the pressure of the lever, the shut-off valve slides from the outside to the inside of the pedal, sliding on the o-ring seals: the dirt that could deposit on the valve surface, in the long run, could accumulate on the seals and prevent its free sliding, causing a slow return to the closed position or even blocking it with consequent constant water flow. IMPORTANT: this problem arises when, by pressing and then removing the foot from the lever, it does not immediately return to the rest position (all the way up) but remains in the dispensing position, or slowly rises, extending the water supply. In this case, you have to:

  • Turn off the water supply
  • Remove the pivot with Seeger (4) and remove the lever (3)
  • Remove the stuffing box fitting (5)
  • Clean and lubricate the sliding seals inside the fitting: in case of deterioration of the gaskets, replace the whole fitting. IMPORTANT: the gaskets used in the pedal taps are of a special compound, selected for this type of use; for this reason commercial gaskets cannot be used, but only original spare parts must be used.

3) PROBLEM: with the pedal in the rest position, the water flow does not turn off
Check the absence of the conditions indicated in point 2 and that the lever, pushed by the shutter valve, returns without evident slowdowns to the rest position. If there is a continuous dripping or flow of water, it is necessary to replace the shut-off valve and the supply pivot, following these instructions and referring to these links for the spare parts:

Pedal TapsFoot mixers with two pedalsFoot progressive mixers with one pedal
Spare parts 02061
Spare parts 02064
Spare parts 02066
Spare parts 02068
Spare parts 02070
Spare parts 02072/90

– Disassemble the lever as indicated in point 2
– For items 02061-64-66-68:

  • Turn off the water and disassemble the tap by disconnecting it from the supply
  • Remove the pivot with Seeger ring 02097PES and the lever
  • Detach the stuffing box fitting 02087
  • Remove the shutter valve 02083 and the return spring 02089
  • Detach the supply pivot 02085
  • Reassemble everything with the new components 02083 and 02085, taking care to grease the gaskets with silicone grease suitable for drinking water.

– For items 02070 – 02072/90:

  • Disassemble the supply pivot 02092: by pulling it out, the 02095 spring and the 02091C – 02091F shut-off valves will also be removed
  • Reassemble everything with the new 02092 and 02091C / 02091F components, taking care to grease the gaskets with silicone grease suitable for drinking water.

IMPORTANT: before reassembling the body, check for dirt and foreign matter, and clean the supply filters.


  • Before installation, properly purge the supply pipes and install filter taps with suitable characteristics (see installation instructions). The missing installation invalidates the product warranty.
  • When disassembly the mixer for maintenance (in case of failure to shut off the water), we recommend replacing the sealing components of both hot and cold supplies: in this way you will need to do the maintenance less often, and you will obtain the optimal performance.
  • In case of doubts or needs, you can contact us:

Alessandro Creola
Production manager