Azur Campsite-Germany

AZUR currently operates 5 campsites in Germany and one campsite in Italy. The company was founded in the 60s as a public restroom with pay showers and over the years it has evolved to the current situation in which the campsites are fully equipped with modern facilities and a wide selection of accommodation (Source:

For AZUR, quality is very important and for this reason it regularly invests in the improvement of its facilities, using high-end and latest generation solutions such as infrared taps and dispensers. In the recent renovation of the AZUR Wertheim campsite, several Idral products have been chosen, precisely because they meet these high standards: the 08132 self-closing shower tap, the 08135 self-closing sink tap and the 02512-38 black infrared washbasin mixer.

The use of black electronic mixer is a very hot trend that we are seeing more and more often in tourist facilities, because they give a modern and original touch to the space, as well as minimizing the risks of cross-contamination and maximizing hygiene, since the user does not touch any surface to activate the water flow.

Dark environments or environments where black prevails may get heavy on the eye, but black details create sleek and classy accents. The black electronic taps by Idral help to create pleasant spaces, especially when placed in contrast with other lighter objects as in this case, adding that extra touch of character and instantly transforming the bathroom into a unique space.