Camping Village in Dormelletto, Lake Maggiore

Surrounded by lush vegetation and neat gardens on the shores of Lake Maggiore, Italy, Camping Village offers pleasant mobile homes, spacious villas and elegant apartments, besides the camping pitches.

This tourist resort is ideal for families looking for a relaxing outdoor holiday, where the children can enjoy themselves in a peaceful and safe environment. The comfort and functionality of this holiday village is reflected in the restrooms for which Idral provided the sanitary fittings solutions specific for public spaces and children.

Camping Village Lago Maggiore is newly renovated and it was equipped with the MODERN line timed taps (08200) as foot wash taps for the beach and the pool as well as wall mounted taps for the washbasin. This faucet is, in fact, extremely versatile, thanks to the durability of materials, the strength of the control mechanism and the timeless design.

In addition, the restroom sinks were furnished with the 02515 electronic mixers. One of the highlights of this product is the legionella-free system, which automatically dispenses a stream of water 24 hours after the last use to prevent water stagnation and the growth of bacteria.

For the showers, the camping chose the MINIMAL series wall self closing shower mixer (08142 ) equipped with the vandal proof shower arm 09033/1 . These products offer a higher resistance than conventional taps, tested under extreme conditions in our laboratories.

The areas that makes this project so special are definitely the children restrooms, where the KIDS line electronic taps were installed (01250). The taps of the KIDS series are colourful characters that make the use of the bathroom fun and safe… and washing the hands becomes a game.

All these solutions provide maximum hygiene, requiring no manual contact to close the water flow. Besides, they minimize the water waste, which can represent 50% more for holiday accommodations than for private houses, allowing obtaining important economic saving as well as reducing the impact on the environment.