Hospital SS.Trinità, Borgomanero (NO)

Hospitals can be a daunting place for children. Designing the pediatric areas taking this psychological aspect into consideration can make all the difference to bored, apprehensive children. The first thought that can come to your mind can be some bright, colourful play equipment, but their experience can go further and include the bathrooms, as in the pediatric section of Borgomanero (Italy) hospital.

This institution has centuries of history and it seems to have a bright future, since it is able to understand new trends finding innovative solutions for the needs of the patients. In fact, the hospital approached the planning and design of the children’s bathrooms with dedication, attention to detail, and the desire to create a therapeutic environment. The healing qualities of the space depend on the choice of materials and colours which also need to reinforce the functionality of the space and always support the patients’ psychology, since healing is an emotional and psychological journey as well as physical. In the bathrooms of the pediatric area of ​​the hospital the KIDS series basin mixers were installed, item 01212.

The Kids Line is designed not only to be fun and easy for the children , but also with the specific needs of the healthcare sector in mind. Indeed, this taps are colorful and easy to use, but above all they are safe, secure, well built, hygienic and easy to clean. Much attention has been given to the types of materials used, as children use touch more than adults and are keen to explore everything, incorporating non-toxic paints. Furthermore, the taps are cheerful characters, that can transform the experience in the bathroom into an educational game.