Selection criteria of easy operating system taps for public and private environments



As part of the design of environments for kitchen and bathroom within public places, there is a bibliography of specific regulations that specify the structural requirements for accessibility. They also indicate the operating space required inside the rooms and the installation heights of aids and sanitary wares, but there is no particular mention of the characteristics required for sanitary tap wares; there is a brief reference in the Italian Ministerial Decree 236/89, par. 4.1.6 : “… Preference should be given to lever taps and, where provided, with the hot water distribution adjustable by thermostatic mixers…”.
Given the age of the above decree (year 1989), recognizing however the real value to the taps with long lever, we need to evaluate the variety of alternative solutions that the market offers us and which at that time were already existing but not widespread: self-closing taps and electronic taps.
In the absence of further specifications, the suitability of the different types of taps is declared by the competent Local Health Authority, or by the single supervisor within the Local Health Authority itself: the first advice we can give, therefore, is to request as much information as possible from your Local Health Authority during the design phase, in order to avoid unnecessary waste of time and money.
When selecting the type of tap, you must evaluate the field of application and the real needs of the user: in a public restroom with a big turnout, the economic impact of water consumption should be considered, rather than the comfort of the user (often occasional); on the other hand, in the kitchen of a restaurant or in a bathroom for people with low mobility, the ergonomics of the controls and the easiness of use are crucial.
The three families of Idral’s taps and mixers that answer to these needs: LONG LEVER, SELF-CLOSING and ELECTRONIC TAPS.
We can summarize below their peculiarities:


– Ergonomics
– Ease of use and maintenance
– Affordability
Intended use: kitchens, professional places, public restrooms with low turnout


– Ergonomics
– Hygiene
– Water saving
– Simple and cost-effective maintenance
Intended use: public restrooms with high turnout, sport centres


– Hygiene
– Maximum water saving
– Durability
– Vandal-proof
– Possibility to program automatic flow to prevent bacterial proliferation
Intended use: kitchens, professional places, public bathrooms with high turnout, sport centres, hospitals, clinics.
Idral’s catalogue offers a wide range of items dedicated to various applications: if you have any doubt, we invite you to contact us for more specific information and get help to realize your projects.