Idral infrared taps: protection against cross-contamination and legionella. Even at home.



How can the Idral Infrared tap prevent different types of infection, including Covid19? Simple: we know that the virus is able to survive several days on certain materials (less on metals such as steel, much more on wood, paper and cardboard) and, consequently, the less we touch objects the better.

Idral Infrared taps
Idral Infrared taps at home

Today, contactless technology become particularly important for many aspects of our life, not only outside but also inside our home. In fact, the “new normality” requires less physical contact with people and objects to prevent the spread of the virus and, for this reason, infrared taps are the best solution not only for public spaces but also inside the house, both in the bathroom and in the kitchen, since they are able to protect the whole family from the spread of any virus, from seasonal flu to the Covid. The infrared allows you to control the water flow without touching any surface, simply by detecting your presence. Furthermore, electronic taps are more hygienic than traditional ones: they remain clean longer since you do not touch them with the hands and, thanks to our ergonomic shapes, they are easy to clean. The fact that the flow rate is set means saving up to 50% of the water and it helps you keeping a cleaner and splash-free space.

Idral electronic taps: the benefits of the anti-legionella system.

In addition to ensuring hygiene and minimizing the risk of contagion, Idral infrared taps are equipped with an anti-legionella system that reduces the proliferation of germs in the water. In fact, extremely harmful bacteria can grow when the water remains still in the pipes of the house. Legionella, in particular, is a bacillus that lives in stagnant water and that we can inhale through the steam of the water that comes out of domestic taps; when it enters the body, it can cause aggressive pneumonia, with symptoms similar to flu and coronavirus. Legionella infection can exacerbate the progression of a concurrent or subsequent covid infection because it causes serious damage to the lungs and threaten the whole organism. Since legionella grows in stagnant water between 25º and 45º, one of the solutions recommended by WHO is to let the water run into the pipes at least once a week. As long as you stay at home and you use the water frequently, the risk of legionella growing is low, but what does it happens when you go on vacation or you visit a holiday home that has remained closed for some time? The answer is precisely an anti-legionella system, and one of the most effective solutions are Idral infrared taps with automatic water opening systems.

Rubinetti elettronici Idral legionella
Idral Infrared taps with anti-legionella system

How does the anti-legionella system of Idral electronic taps work?

The regular flow of water is one of the best natural treatment against legionella. The anti-legionella system of  Idral electronic taps automatically opens the water flow for 10 seconds every 24 hours after the last use: the water continues to flow in the pipes and taps, even when there is nobody in the house. The installation is simple and does not require any special precautions for programming and maintenance, given that the infrared sensor is already set.

The electronic taps with the automatic rinsing system are much cheaper than setting up an additional system with disinfectant injection, which involves the cost of construction, certification, maintenance and verification of the results. Keeping the flow of water moving through an automatic dispensing cycle is less expensive, more “natural” and gives an excellent result for small and medium-sized water systems.