The New Thermostatic Time Flow Basin Mixer Tap was awarded the prestigious H&V Product Innovation of the year award in the UK



Thermostatic Time Flow Basin Mixer Tap 2020 Winner
Thermostatic Time Flow Basin Mixer Tap 2020 Winner

The product won the award by H&V Product Innovation of the year in UK due to its merits and capacity to combine two successful and essential technologies into one unique product. Praise was bestowed for the products capacity to provide and combine into one product; thermostatic protection, prevention of waste water and energy and by how effectively limiting the distance between a TMV and the faucet helps to prevent the potential growth of legionella.

The reason for the success of the new self-closing thermostatic mixer

The H&V award-winning thermostatic time flow mixer (908 line) is the first tap of its kind that combines time flow control with thermostatic system, allowing an accurate mixing of the water temperature, thanks to which the performance and benefits are unquestionable compared to current technologies, which separate the thermostatic commands from the time control:

  • New application and design opportunities

The small size of the cartridge, able to control closure and temperature, opens up a world of application and design possibilities. The single command gives the chance for new aesthetic solutions that until today were exclusive to the traditional “single-control” taps with ceramic disc cartridge, making room for the imagination of designers and for application in any type of space, small or large.

  • Easy to use

The mixing is controlled by a simple rotating movement of the handle: it can therefore be adjusted using one hand, also thanks to the self closing feature.

  • Durability

Built with cutting-edge materials such as reinforced Nylon and Polysulphones, it ensures a combination of excellent mechanical and thermal properties, and unique anti-limescale attributes.

  • Safety

The cartridge prevents burns because it is equipped with a lock that limits the water temperature to 38°C. The cartridge, designed to meet the TMV3 characteristics, is very sensitive and immediately cuts off the hot water supply in the absence of cold water.

  • Water saving

Like all of Idral’s self-closing taps, these solutions allow saving water. If you want to know more, we suggest to see this video

self closing thermostatic mixer (item 908)
Self closing thermostatic mixer (item 908)