Water saving and low consumption sanitary ware



The events of the past year show that we are all connected and that our choices have an impact on others. All this makes us reflect on the urgency of eco-friendly policies and choices to protect our ecosystem and in Idral we want to help, offering low-consumption taps and sanitary ware to reduce water waste. Furthermore, a crucial aspect of future recovery is the green economy, which aims to grow through the improvement of the environment, making processes more efficient, reducing waste and therefore reducing costs for businesses and families.

The waste of water in a public or commercial building, for example, can be 50% higher than in a home. Users, not suffering direct economic consequences, are less attentive to their behavior. In a public spaces, water consumption per person per day can reach 200 liters, and in hospitals, swimming pools and sports centers can even exceed 500 liters per person per day, representing a very important cost for the management of these facilities. To solve this problem, Idral offers specific solutions to reduce water consumption and promote water saving.

For example: a traditional hand-operated tap can deliver about 16 liters of water per minute, and often the water is left running while soaping the hands. Idral’s sensor and timed taps consume only 6 liters per minute or less, and, thanks to the automatic closure, the dispensing time required for handwashing drops from 60 to 25 seconds!

How to save water with low consumption taps and sanitary ware

We can take many measures to reduce water consumption: a very useful one is replacing old devices with more efficient products. At Idral we offer a wide range of low water consumption solutions.

Sensor taps:

Compared to the average flow rate of traditional taps of 12-16 liters per minute, Idral’s infrared taps are designed to deliver only 6 liters of water per minute or less. The automatic closing of the infrared sensor eliminates waste. In addition, Idral produces a variety of electronic products, from infrared taps to integrated solutions such as the 4ALL electronic multifunctional washbasin that supplies water, soap and air through an antibacterial resin structure.

Self-closing taps:

Most of Idral’s timed taps have a flow rate of 6 liters per minute and there are products, such as the stainless steel series, which have even a lower consumption (5 liters per minute). Another benefit of Idral taps is that the technical performance can be tailor-made according to the customer’s needs, for example, by customizing the flow rate or the opening time of the water flow.

Low-consumption toilets and sensor urinals:

Idral’s sanitary fittings use only 5 liters of water compared to traditional products available on the market which can consume more than twice the water. Furthermore, savings can be achieved by using electronic urinals which provide the sensor taps benefits mentioned before. Replacing toilets and urinals allows a reduction of at least 20% in water consumption with each flush.

Self-closing shower panels and towers:

For sports centers and gyms, Idral shower panels with self-closing controls are an excellent solution to keep water consumption under control, thanks to the timed shutdown of 15 sec. at 3 bar and to the flow limiter of 8 liters per minute. For swimming pools and outdoor spaces, Idral solar showers are a very interesting solution because, in addition to being equipped with timed taps, they integrate a solar water heating system, obtaining hot water without any type of energy consumption.

Water conservation requires awareness and commitment, but every little effort is reflected in a benefit for the planet and in savings for families and businesses. It is very important to change our lifestyle to reduce our water consumption and this also leads to a new vision in the design of the spaces where we live.