GOALS that the company sets every year:

  • Compliance with contractual conditions and current legislation, with particular attention to aspects relating to the environment and safety;

  • Commitment to implement actions aimed at protecting the environment;

  • Continuous improvement, which constitutes a fundamental and permanent objective, decisions based on factual data, monitoring of the processes and of the significant environmental aspects/impact;

  • Commitment to develop and produce taps and sanitary ware for public and commercial spaces, capable of reducing water and energy consumption;

  • Awareness and involvement of our suppliers by favoring technologies, products and processes featuring the least environmental impact;

To achieve these objectives, the Management undertakes to:

• comply with laws and regulations in force, the legislation and any contractual commitment;

• pursuing the continuous improvement of environmental performance;

• prevent and reduce the environmental impact in all its forms through actions aimed at reducing waste, the consumption of resources and the polluting emissions load;

• provide services through processes implemented in order to minimize their environmental impact during construction, use and final disposal, with particular attention to the choice of products, without compromising safety, quality and competitiveness;

• orient processes towards limiting the consumption of energy and non-renewable natural resources in the broadest sense, limiting polluting emissions and waste deriving from manufacturing;

• instruct, train and motivate all employees at all levels in the disciplines of the Environment, committing themselves to the continuous growth of their professional skills, making each individual responsible for the Environmental policy in their work and towards the achievement of impactful corporate Environmental objectives;

• make suppliers aware of materials, products, services in order that they adopt environmental procedures in line with those established by us, and stimulate them to improve;

• consider the use of the best technology available, when it is appropriate and economically sustainable.

The Management undertakes to provide all the necessary RESOURCES:

  • financial,
  • human,
  • technical and infrastructural,

in order to achieve these goals.
Where missing, these resources are defined and quantified annually during the Management Review.

The tools identified for the communication of this Policy are:

  • news board in the company
  • the corporate website

COMPANY eco-sustainability actions (implemented since 2022)

  • The roof of the production plant was designed and built in order to guarantee maximum brightness, to minimize the use of electric light during the day.
  • All internal (offices and production) and external lights are low consumption LEDs.
  • The production machines stop automatically at the end of the production cycle.
  • Separate waste collection is implemented throughout the company.
  • IDRAL production complies with ROHS requirements.
  • 95% of the materials/components used come from EUROPEAN suppliers.
  • 80% of the materials/components used come from suppliers in ITALY.
  • 60% of the materials/components used come from suppliers within a radius of 50km.
  • 100% of employees reside within a 30km radius (80% within a 10km radius).
  • A drinking water distribution filtering system has been set up. It uses the water coming directly from the aqueduct, in order to reduce the use of plastic bottles.
  • Bottles for refilling drinking water were distributed to all employees.
  • The hot drink dispensers have been equipped with cups and stirrers in compostable material.
  • The bathrooms equipped with electronic taps and toilets with reduced water flow.
  • Constant awareness among employees for eco-conscious management of the use of electricity, heating and water.
  • Use of MEWA industrial rags (rewashable) instead of rags.
  • WATER LABEL membership (2014).
  • Installation of the photovoltaic system in 2022, turning full operational in 2023.
  • November 2022: Verification of energy consumption of individual departments and of the most important machines.
  • Monitoring of compressed air consumption x 2 weeks and optimization of compressors from 02/2023.


Eco-sustainability PRODUCTS

  • Optimization of packaging from an environmental point of view (use of biodegradable or recyclable material, instead of plastic, foam, etc.).
  • 95% of the BRASS raw material comes from recycling.
  • 80% of manufacturing products has reduced water flow.
  • The packages are provided with FSC certification (https://us.fsc.org/en-us/certification).


Planning for the future:

  • Climatic optimization of the office building from an eco-sustainable point of view.
  • Progressive reduction in the use of paper archives, preferring digital archive methods.
  • Construction of electric charging stations.
  • Replacement of product instruction sheets with QR-Code printed directly on the packaging.