Airports, stations, schools, offices and shopping malls: the world is full of spaces open to the public that require functional and hygienic restrooms capable of hosting a high traffic of users. IDRAL’s taps and sanitary ware solutions provide a mix of functionality, reliability and design to make spaces comfortable and welcoming. Such as electronic taps which, since they do not require manual contact, guarantee maximum hygiene while reducing consumption. Our self-closing taps are perfect for sports and hospitality facilities, but equally suitable for bathrooms in every commercial place.

item 02530/1

Wall mounted electronic basin tap with spout.

•Infrared sensor with activation on presence detection

• Vandal proof stop after 1 min of continuous flow

• Automatic anti-legionella water flow every 24h after last use


Washing your hands is a daily gesture of great importance for personal hygiene and for reducing the spread of viruses and bacteria.
That’s why Idral decided to use its infrared technology to create 4All, an innovative device that allows you to wash, soap and dry your hands without any contact with any surface. 
Everything is controlled by infrared sensors and self-closing devices. Hygiene, low water consumption and energy saving: this is Idral’s commitment for the planet.

The technology that ensures water saving and maximum hygiene.

Infrared taps and showers represent the ideal protection against the proliferation of germs and bacteria and they guarantee real water savings.

Design combined with functionality for intensive use.

Self-closing taps and showers are a functional solution to rethink the design of spaces open to the public, visited by many people.

KIDS Collection:
small customers grow

Small, very nice and intelligent. “Pinocchio” of the KIDS collection is a one-of-a-kind tap, designed exclusively for a very young audience and yet full of technology and eco-friendly. 


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