Currently, the regulation on private and residential construction is ruled by the Italian Ministerial Decree 236/89; while the Presidential Decree 503/96 rules the regulations for the removal of architectural barriers in buildings, spaces and public services.

According to the Italian Ministerial Decree 236/89, the established height is 80 cm above the shower tray; however, the designer must check any additional Decrees for further specifications.

Wall fixings differ according to the type of wall, it is down to the plumber or installer to choose the most suitable type to ensure the correct installation and the highest safety.

For the correct installation of WC and bidet, refer to the Italian Ministerial Decree 236/89 and Presidential Decree 503-96. Preferably wall hung WC with front opening should be provided. In particular, the WC must be mounted at 45-50 cm from the floor, the front edge at 75-80 cm from the rear wall, the same distance as for monoblock WC, otherwise a rear wall should be provided to make up for the missing distance required by law.

It is recommended to position the pneumatic control at 70 cm, which makes it easily accessible even if there is a grab bar (80 cm).

At what height must the basin for disabled people be mounted? At what height must the drain be mounted?

Ergonomic basins of the EASY series can be mounted both ways, at the discretion of the installer. For ergonomics purposes, we recommend to prepare fixed shelves, adjustable tilting shelves, with easy adjustment for disabled people.