> Sensor calibration

Find out how to adjust the infrared sensor of Idral electronic taps. The correct interception distance.

> Solenoid valve replacement

All the necessary tools and the simplest way to replace the solenoid valve of the Idral electronic taps equipped with this device.

> Maximum temperature setting

Mixed water too hot? In this video tutorial you will discover how to adjust the maximum temperature of your tap with few tools and few simple moves (only for the taps that allow it).

> Sensor adjustment, ITEM 02512

All the instructions for owners of the electronic tap number 02512. With this video guide you will learn how to adjust the interception distance of the sensor.

> Self-closing cartridge maintenance

For taps with timed closing head, maintenance is quick and easy. Just follow the few instructions shown in this video.

> Solenoid valve cleaning

How to clean the solenoid valve without problems? You need few tools, that you have at home, and few simple moves. With this tutorial, solenoid valve maintenance is child’s play!

> Timed mixer maintenance for item 08142

How to maintain the timed tap: tools needed, cleaning the filters and disassembling the timed valve.