Infrared tap: the reasons why it is an excellent solution for any bathroom

Infrared taps weren’t born yesterday, but for a long time they remained a feature for public restrooms. It is almost needless explaining what it is, because basically we all know that infrared taps do not have a mechanical lever and they turn automatically the water on when an infrared sensor recognize the presence of your […]

How to keep drinking water hygienically safe during covid19

A guide for hospitals, nursing homes, schools and universities, hotels, public and commercial buildings that were closed. One of the consequences of the covid19 pandemic has been the closure or slowdown of the activities of many businesses and public institutions, such as kindergartens, schools, universities, hotels, holiday homes, nursing homes and other commercial and public […]

Self-closing taps: advice for a correct installation

Everything you need to know for the correct installation and maintenance of self-closing taps Self-closing taps are designed to automatically shut off the flow of water after a pre-set time, ensuring both water and energy savings in the premises in which they are installed. In public facilities, the installation of self-closing taps is a compulsory […]

What to know and how to treat water to extend the life of our products

Water is a fundamental part of our lives; this precious element has a direct impact on our well-being and on our tapware and fitting life. But what kind of water should we look for our water system? The answer to this question is quite simple, there are two Norms that define the type of water […]