Born in 1970 as a craft enterprise producing taps, IDRAL SpA has over the years focused its production in sanitary fittings for communities and public places, becoming synonymous with technological innovation, excellent quality, as well as original Italian design.

IDRAL SpA translates in its products the need of low water consumption technologies, of hygiene required in public spaces and of accessibility for people with low mobility. Responding to the market and to its customer needs, IDRAL offers several product lines designed for different functional needs and employments. Many of our products are registered.

The company also manufactures several products designed and manufactured exclusively for primary companies of contiguous sectors. Idral turns to the Italian market and to the international one where there are several commercial offices.


A new and modern factory that covers an area of over 12.000 m2 is the result of the company’s strategy, that aims at offering high quality standards. A modern building where the most sophisticated equipment enables developing and manufacturing innovative design and highly technological products.

IDRAL goal is to continue offering high-quality solutions to ensure the best products along with an excellent customer service. The quality of materials and the production of IDRAL taps are controlled, constantly tested and guaranteed by several international certifications that assure the high quality, including the ISO 9001:2000, EN 12164 and EN12168:98 for turned items, EN 12165 for pressed items and EN1982:2001 for all foundry production.