Idral Joins the Roca Group

Idral proudly announces its acquisition by Roca Group, a global leader in the design and production of bathroom products. This strategic partnership significantly enhances Idral’s market positioning and innovative capabilities.

The acquisition by Roca Group improves the complementarity of Idral’s products with Roca’s extensive portfolio, unlocking substantial growth potential worldwide. Additionally, both companies share the same values of family, sustainability, and innovation, as well as a common strategic vision and mindset.

“Joining the Roca Group family marks a significant milestone for Idral,” stated Idral’s directors. “This partnership not only strengthens our international presence but also amplifies our innovative capabilities. The global reach and resources of Roca Group will enable us to better serve public and commercial bathroom markets with our high-quality, sustainable solutions.”

For Roca Group, this acquisition strengthens its faucets division, consolidating its presence in the public and commercial bathroom market. Idral’s extensive experience and innovative products perfectly align with Roca Group’s commitment to providing high-quality bathroom solutions worldwide.

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