New Year. New Projects. New Possibilities.

The main market trend in recent years is the use of color as a surface finish, made possible by PVD technology, which offers greater creative freedom. This trend is also found in more technical products intended for public bathrooms, with a constant increase in demand. Increasingly, our customers approach us to produce our items in different colors, depending on the environments in which they will be installed. Designers, previously focused on colored finishes only for private spaces, now often prescribe such solutions even for the creation of public bathrooms.

Thanks to our production flexibility, we can meet these requests even for small quantities, giving us a distinctive advantage over the competition.

Sustainability and innovation are two interconnected concepts, especially in the bathroom sector. It is no longer possible to talk about innovation without considering the theme of sustainability, both in terms of processes and products. In Idral, we are taking several measures to promote sustainability. In 2023, we activated our photovoltaic system, reducing energy consumption. We reduced the use of plastic in packaging, use FSC cardboard boxes, completed the installation of LED lighting in our facility, and exclusively use filtered water dispensers. Often, technological innovation is more visible to the user, but sustainability will become a decisive factor in choosing performance, especially when it will be measurable or required. At that point, the market will take this direction even more decisively and systematically.

By Riccardo POLETTI

Sales Director