OTTO electronic taps: performance has never looked better



OTTO electronic taps: design and performance

Commercial and public bathrooms have specific needs and present different challenges from the residential one. In fact, the large turnout of users requires reliable and resistant solutions that offer greater hygiene and water savings. Residential products, on the other hand, tend to give more importance to the aesthetic aspect: here we find more refined shapes and colors, products in all styles, as well as a multitude of sizes and installation options to allow the consumer to create a personal and unique space. Today these two worlds are getting closer and designers are increasingly looking for solutions capable of creating beautiful and comfortable environments even outside the home.

This is why we have created the OTTO series which combines style with the performance of Idral products. The soft curves and the combination of the body with the top cover makes this product perfect to be part of any high-end project. In collaboration with the designer Luca Papini, we have created a range of electronic taps and mixers that crosswise combine the two worlds of technological innovation and design to no longer have to choose between style and performance.

The design of OTTO electronic taps

The design of OTTO electronic taps

With this series we develop a true design solution, which is the result of in-depth research on materials, industrial processes, technological and aesthetic innovations. The taps of the OTTO series combine the simplicity of ergonomic lines with the variety of combinations, finishes and colors that allows the designer to give free rein to creativity to create a real unique space.

In fact, these electronic taps have different heights to adapt to any type of sink, from basic models to original solutions that require special dimensions. In addition, we offer a range of special finishes and the possibility of a two-tone combination, so that you will always find the ideal option to complete your vision of the project.

With the collaboration of the designer Luca Papini, we have created a series of products that tight together the worlds of the public restroom with the aesthetic of the private bathroom.

The designer Luca Papini says: “OTTO comes in a single-water version as well as in a mixer version, both of them with control of the water flow through an infrared sensor to ensure maximum water savings. The series is available in chrome, white and matt black finishes
as well as in gold, nickel and brushed finished rose gold/copper versions.
The soft shapes of OTTO taps feature a cover in the upper part, that helps maintenance and allows customization of the product, by the change of the colours”.

The performance of OTTO electronic taps

Infrared technology does not require contact with any surface to control the flow of water, offering greater safety to the user and minimizing the danger of cross contamination. These taps have an automatic rinsing system every 24 hours after the last use, which prevents the proliferation of germs such as legionella. In addition, they are very easy to use thanks to the infrared sensor. This is important when you want to make the bathroom accessible to everyone, especially for people with reduced mobility who can wash their hands more easily with an electronic system than with a standard tap.

As for operation, these electronic taps have been designed to withstand a greater frequency and intensity of use than domestic products. In addition, they allow reducing the waste of water which in spaces open to the public can represent 50% more than in residential buildings, representing a significant cost for the property. In addition, OTTO maintenance has been simplified thanks to the possibility of removing the top cover, without the need for further interventions. Finally, the issue of inappropriate use or tampering attempts is very critical in these spaces and for this reason the OTTO series is equipped with an anti-vandal system that allows you to reduce maintenance costs and replacements.

Whether you require that extra element to unify the aesthetics of a project or a reliable solution to ensure the best performance, these premium taps are the answer.

The OTTO series is perfect for:

• Office Building

• Restaurants

• Hotel Lobbies

• Boutique and Retail Shopping

• Theaters and Nightclubs


  • Chromed zamak main body and cover
  • Bi-stable solenoid valve 6 V (internal)
  • Infra-red sensor
  • 6 V CRP2 lithium battery
  • With check valves

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