When a potential customer comes to check out a gym or a swimming pool, a key element in his or her decision is the quality of the facilities, first and foremost the shower facilities. It is therefore paramount that the right products are chosen to guarantee customer satisfaction, while, at the same time, keep costs under control. Indeed, due to their high usage rate, showers in public facilities must be designed to reduce water wastage. Every extra minute a customer remains under the shower can translate into huge increases in costs, both in terms of water and energy use. At Idral, we have developed a range of solutions seeking to tackle this issue: taps that automatically shut off, aerator-fitted spouts, time flow panels… and much more.

Also crucial when choosing showers for public facilities are hygiene and durability. At Idral, we have been developing solutions for these spaces for 50 years and our products are designed to make cleaning as easy as possible. Installing durable showers that are also easy to clean is key to ensure long-lasting operation and reduce maintenance costs. We also have anti-vandal and built-in solutions, designed to be more resistant than traditional products. Finally, our range also includes special materials and alloys, such as stainless steel, which are ideal for particularly humid or saline environments.

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