Located on the Mestre highway, this service area is very busy. That is why, for the renovation of the bathrooms it was a priority to find durable solutions, capable of guaranteeing the well-being of the users. In addition, they wanted to create state-of-the-art bathrooms that were both comfortable and appealing by incorporating aesthetically pleasing, touch-free products that would make it easier to maintain the facility and to save water and energy. This is why Idral’s battery-powered ceramic STYLE series electronic urinals were chosen.

 STYLE electronic urinal in ceramic. Contemporary design for high-traffic bathrooms.

These electronic urinals are the top of the line and they offer hygiene, safety and water savings, as well as having a contemporary design that fits perfectly with the clean and elegant style of these restrooms. Furthermore, from a technical point of view, these urinals are produced with the best materials and hydraulic systems, which guarantee excellent performance even in environments with a high frequency of use such as this one. They are equipped with infrared sensors that control the flow of water without the need to come into contact with any surface, reducing the risk of cross-contamination. Besides, they have an automatic rinsing system every 24 hours after the last use, which minimizes the proliferation of germs and bacteria.

Easy maintenance.

Ultimately, maintenance is a critical factor to consider before specifying products for any commercial restroom, but when it comes to a service area it takes on even greater importance. Since the STYLE Series electronic urinals are completely touchless and they require no physical contact from customers to operate, they are subject to less wear and they should not experience any improper handling. This means a lower likelihood of product damage and minimal maintenance for their entire working life.

Products installed.

STYLE series electronic ceramic urinal, battery operated

  • Permanent infrared sensor with flushing after user moves away
  • Automatic anti-legionella water flow every 24h after last use
  • Long-life 6V lithium battery (220,000 cycles)
  • Sealed battery box
  • Solenoid valve 6V
  • Filter tap, drain 1“1/4 and wall installation kit included
  • Siphon not included

Downloads and Resources

Download the technical data sheet, the BIMs, the catalog, or contact Idral for more information.