Novara, a city rich in history and culture, has recently witnessed the inauguration of two architectural gems at the local University Campus: the auditorium and the library. In particular, the UPO auditorium stands out as a tangible bridge between the vibrant cultural life of the city and the academic atmosphere of the university. With a capacity to accommodate just under 300 people, this state-of-the-art facility promises to become a hub for cultural events, conferences, and academic performances.

One critical aspect in designing high-traffic buildings, such as a university auditorium, is the importance of quality and safety. The design of such spaces must ensure not only a welcoming and functional environment but also maximum safety for occupants. In this context, comprehensive attention to infrastructure and sanitary facilities becomes crucial.

High-Traffic Bathrooms

The design of bathrooms in a high-traffic building, like this university auditorium, is often underestimated but of fundamental importance. The high volume of user requires design solutions that combine efficiency, hygiene, and durability. One central element of this design is the installation of high-quality taps, subjected to rigorous testing under extreme conditions to ensure maximum reliability.

Safety and Water Conservation

In this context, Idral has distinguished itself for producing high-quality taps specifically designed for high-traffic public spaces. Idral taps not only deliver impeccable performance but have also been tested under extreme conditions to ensure long-term durability. The choice of timed taps, in particular, has proven to be an essential complement to optimize water resource usage, provide greater safety, and reduce maintenance costs.

Timed Taps

Idral’s timed taps are designed to dispense water for a predetermined period, allowing precise control of the flow and reducing wastage. This feature not only contributes to environmental preservation but also translates into significant long-term cost savings. In an environment like a university auditorium, where efficient resource management is essential, the installation of timed taps becomes a strategic choice.

The presentation of the new auditorium at the University Campus in Novara is not only a moment of celebration for the academic growth of the city but also an example of how attention to detail in the design of high-traffic spaces, such as bathrooms, contributes to ensuring a safe, sustainable, and functional environment. The combination of culture and education finds in the structure of the new auditorium a tangible demonstration of how architecture and design can positively influence the quality of academic and cultural life in a community.

Installed Taps:

MODERN series self closing basin mixer with push button

  • Push button control
  • Self-closing time 15 secs at 3 bars (not adjustable)
  • Mixing with side lever
  • Flow limiter 6 l/min
  • Check valves and stainless steel flexibles included

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