Smart Taps by Idral: Efficiency that Reduces Consumption and Maintenance for a More Sustainable and Modern Hotel

Hospitality Facilities: Idral products welcome guests with smart solutions that reduces consumption, maintenance, controls hygiene, and enhances the hotel’s image.

Here is some straightforward information for hoteliers and all those managing tourist accommodations to inform and raise awareness for a conscious purchase of bathroom taps.

Tourists do not typically worry about water waste during their stay as they perceive the hotel’s services as all-inclusive, including water consumption. However, hoteliers should know that they can save significantly by simply changing taps and showers.

We provide a quick and easy calculation using these parameters:


  • A hotel with 50 rooms open 300 days/year.
  • Water cost €2.50/m³.
  • Average of 2 showers per day, each lasting 15 minutes.

Using manual taps, the hotelier would spend around €25,000/year on tap purchase and water costs. But if they opted for timed taps, the expense would drop to just €16,000! Although the initial investment for timed taps is higher than manual ones, the savings would start after only 112 days.

Timed taps consume 40% less water than traditional ones. During a shower, it is estimated that a guest consumes about 225 liters per minute with a traditional tap, but with a timed one, it would be only 48 liters! The total cost of this shower, including energy, water, and tap, would be around €1.13 compared to €0.24 with timed products.

There is an even greater advantage if sensor taps are installed, which ensure maximum hygiene. Sensor taps not only improve consumption further (70% less than traditional ones), but also provide the highest level of hygiene as they are touched only for mixing, not for turning off the water. This is ideal also for children, the elderly, or those with low mobility.

Finally, an essential advantage for hoteliers aiming to enhance their establishment’s image is aesthetics. Idral taps offer very appealing products with cutting-edge performance and a post-sale service.

For example, the timed thermostatic mixer 908.12 offers mixing, thermostatic control, and timed water control in a single handle. Additionally, the wall-mounted I70 sensor series not only provides the benefits of sensor technology but also features an ON/OFF system, allowing the desired water flow duration, from up to one minute to shutting off after just a few seconds.

By Manuela Capra
Commercial Coordinator Italy