Water conservation



During the conference of Accadueo “We give value to water” it emerged that Italy is a country that has a huge need for investments in the water sector.
In Europe we are the richest country of water but the poorest of infrastructures, in fact we waste almost half of the water distributed. It is an area in which companies can not stop but must bring innovation.
Idral is always very attentive to the direction of the market and tries to grasp in advance what the market requires.
Therefore, for 2019 we are getting ready to face these new challenges by preparing an investment plan on several fronts, from innovation in production, to the offer of new product lines, bringing greater benefits to our customers to face the market, in the respect and conservation of water.

Digital Transformation

With this spirit, we are taking the first steps towards the industry 4.0 and we will be operational by the end of 2019 with a new extension of the manufacture and a new advanced production approach that will enable us to better meet the requests of our customers by reducing order processing times to a minimum. Furthermore, we have already installed a state-of-the-art industrial robot.
The digital transformation will give new opportunities to face an increasingly uncertain context. In fact, the 2018 market has been very fluctuating with peak months and quieter months; in these first months of 2019 there is a slight recovery, but it is still too early to say whether the situation will stabilize or if we will stall again. Looking at the European market the situation is not the best: economic and political difficulties are now a common denominator in many countries and this does not allow us to make a clear forecast. While with regard to the farthest markets, they have great potential but it is important to find the right channel.
An important consideration is on the online market, a sales channel that is developing and changing the rules of the market: right now only some sanitary fittings are sold through e-commerce but we expect to see a significant increase in the next future.
The web helps to have more visibility, to understand the end user better and certainly make him much more demanding, and that is why it becomes more and more important training of the commercial teams of the distribution; only those who will be able to offer a competent service will succeed in the future.


The challenges continue with the release of the new commercial and technical catalog that will include a reorganization of existing products but above all a lot of news: for example, we will expand our range of electronics taps with new solutions with different designs and new products that will change the way we think about the public and commercial bathrooms. For the self closing taps range, there will be a revolution among the mixers, in fact we will present a completely new and not yet existing system on this family.
In order to offer alternative and innovative solutions, the new line of self closing stainless steel 316L taps will be included in the catalog: the top quality of this material makes our products suitable for the most different environments where air quality and water can be aggressive for the metal.
As always, we want to be a point of reference for the sanitary wares and fittings in the public and commercial sector, offering solutions that can satisfy our clients, bringing advantages and economic benefits.


We will continue with our visits to the distribution with the continuous training of the staff; we will also welcome a person in our team dedicated to increasing our pre and post sales services, managing our network of service centers that now covers all the national territory.
We will train and inform design studios by presenting solutions that will facilitate work throughout the supply chain, optimizing costs and benefits.
We will participate in two important events: in March at ISH the world trade fair in Germany , and at the end of September at Cersaie the fair in Bologna. Two events that will allow us to present our new products and welcome our customers and our entire sales team to exchange information that can help each other.
A new year full of challenges to contribute to water saving, hygiene and accessibility in public spaces!