Lately, technologically advanced taps, such as thermostatic mixers and infrared taps have become mainstream, but foot taps with pedal control continue to be chosen because they are easy to use, low-cost, and reliable. We designed our foot taps to last over time and to be easy to maintain, without the need for specific technical knowledge. […]

Pedal taps by Idral: 40 years of history of a revolutionary innovation.

The year 1982: Sandro Pertini is the president of Italy, Pope John Paul II is at the Vatican and the Italian soccer team won their third world title by beating Argentina, Brazil, and Germany in the finals. Grace Kelly disappears in a car accident over Monte Carlo and Prince William (son of Diana and Charles) […]

Pedal tap: reliable, hygienic, low-cost and green

There are environments, such as professional kitchens or hospitals, where the hygiene and the durability of the taps are essential. The ideal solution in these cases are Idral’s foot operated taps: simple, robust and with 40 years of history that validate the performance of a solution that is still very up-to-date. The product that started […]

New wall-mounted taps: the freedom to transform the bathroom when and how you want

We present the “700” collection, whose goal is to offer taps and mixers for public bathrooms that require a wall-mounted solution that is flexible, reliable and sustainable. In fact, wall-mounted taps are increasingly in demand, as they provide a cleaner and tidier appearance. This collection offers designers a discreet aesthetic that can be easily integrated […]

Ideas for shopping center bathroom design

Finally, two years after the onset of the pandemic, shopping malls will once again be able to welcome shoppers without major restrictions, but will people feel safe again in using the bathroom in such a busy place? It is, in fact, important that the construction or renovation projects for the bathrooms in shopping centers take […]


Hospitality facilities in general, and hotels in particular, consume a lot of water. In fact, a single room can consume between 60,000 and 220,000 liters per year. From an economic point of view, this means not only having high water costs, but also energy costs. Therefore, consumption must be a priority for the hotel design […]

From the ideation of the tap to the design of the public bathroom

Each new commercial and public restroom project has its own unique characteristics and specific challenges. This is why at Idral we believe it is important to share our vision on the design of our taps and above all to provide useful tools to simplify the design processes of these spaces. The meaning of design for […]

Professional and industrial kitchens: hygiene measures for the “new normality”

Professional kitchens are the heart of any restaurant, catering, take away or food-delivery and are a central part of the service in a hotel, school cafeteria, work canteen,… The challenges of the post COVID-19 era require some considerations to restart the business in total safety. How to adapt professional kitchens to the post COVID-19 era […]

With Idral, reliable and easy-to-use sanitary ware

Over the years, Idral has developed expertise and specialization in the field of taps and sanitary ware. A sector that is not easy to manage because it requires particular attention, if not more, in the design of devices that are used several times a day and which must guarantee safety, reliability and resistance. Sanitary ware, […]