IDRAL, one of the first companies to join the new EBF/Water label voluntary agreement.



In Idral, we are committed with care of the environment and we are constantly working to develop and produce taps and sanitary wares for public spaces able to reduce water consumption. For this reason we have decided to participate in the EBF / Unified Water Label initiative to develop an agreement for the European sanitary ware sector on the criteria to be respected to ensure more efficient products and therefore less water waste.

Why saving water is so important?

As Chiara Vasconi, Idral’s Administrative Director, explained in the post about the commemoration of the 2019 Water Day, many institutions such as the UN are warning about the importance to address the problem of water availability and the growing demand across the globe to secure safe access to water and good sanitation. Through products that allow to reduce water waste, we want to make our contribution to face this challenge.

So why did we sign the Commitment Letter?

EBF/Unified Water Label is working to develop a Voluntary Agreement awarded by the European Commission that entails strict criteria which is audited and verified by an independent Inspector. In Idral we wanted to participate in this ambitious project by signing the Commitment Letter to support the Agreement since we believe that only providing better and more efficient products we can make a difference in adding value in terms of environmental and energy savings.

Knoledge is power.

For us it is imperative to communicate in a very transparent way the product features to the client and the Water Label allows us to do just that. Raising awareness and give to our clients the tools to choose more efficient products that respect this agreement are the starting points and key to influencing change. Consumers need to understand how much water is used by toilets, taps, showers and baths. Understanding water use and how much water you use and waste in your home will also make a difference on energy bills and reduce carbon emissions.
Indeed, the European Environment Agency states that over 15% of Europe’s carbon emissions comes from the domestic sector.
Water is our future: Let’s keep protecting it together.