Idral's vision for 2023: sustainability, digitalization and new aesthetic trends.

Riccardo Poletti

Sales Director. 

The new year presents a scenario never experienced before. In 2022, the plumbing sector grew thanks to several local incentives. Nevertheless, the market faced great uncertainty, especially in the second part of the year, with sudden increases in the price of raw materials, stock breakages, unexpected rise in gas and energy costs to levels never reached before. Furthermore, our niche did not benefit from the Italian government incentives, so we had a fluctuating 2022, but finally we achieved a positive result.

In December we faced the challenge of planning actions and strategies for the following year in a very volatile context and it is at this moment that it is important to ask the right questions to find the best solutions.

We decided to follow our strategy of investing in the digitization of the company, i.e. making technological improvements in terms of production and processes. As far as our products are concerned, we continue to focus on water saving, new technologies and new aesthetic trends.

Furthermore, we always pay particular attention to the sustainability, to prevent and reduce the environmental impact in all its forms through actions aimed at reducing waste, resource consumption and the polluting emissions:

  • the use of special brass, materials with the possibility of recycling and cardboard packaging with FSC certification, accompanied by a strong reduction in plastics.
  • All the light fixtures in our factory are low consumption and all LED.
  • the new photovoltaic system will be on starting this year, allowing us to produce energy and increasing the sustainability of our production.

2023 is going to be a very busy year for Idral: first of all, we will launch a new catalogue, which will present many new solutions both in terms of design and functionality. One of the most innovative products will be the electronic mixer for residential kitchens, featuring a simple and clean design, thanks to the pencil of the designer, Luca Papini; a very interesting tap, easy to use and with a double functionality, a real help in the kitchen. This product will be presented for the first time at the ISH EXPO in Germany, where we will be present with our stand. It is an important opportunity to see and touch all our new products first-hand, such as the new antibacterial taps, the electronic stainless-steel taps, the new built-in solutions, and many other innovations (download the brochure with the latest innovations).

Our annual marketing program includes webinars for designer and architects, training for our sales network and for our customers’ sale teams, visits to design studios, customer visits to our factory with on-site training. Furthermore, one of Idral’s strengths is sales assistance, with a technical office available with a toll-free number and a network of assistance centers throughout Italy. Important support can also be found directly on our website, where you will find all our news, BIMs files for design and technical data sheets.

Idral is your ideal partner for taps and sanitary fixtures, designed and manufactured in Italy for public spaces and beyond.