New black electronic taps



The new emerging trends in project and design of public toilets have persuaded IDRAL to present a new finishing for electric taps: a black-matte appealing surface obtained from painting with epoxy powder, which gives elegance to the product and increase its technical properties. In fact, this processing protects the tap from any aggressive acid used for cleaning the public toilet and therefore keeps the product unchanged by the time.
The black-matte finishing is being imposed as a sophisticated and modern alternative against the classic chrome: the black surface creates a gripping contrast with the basin in white ceramic and it nicely matches with spaces marked both by subdued colours and stronger shades. Nowadays, the trend is the opposition of materials, colours and backgrounds in order to create a cutting edge design.
The combination between the black tap and accessories in metal catches the eye and creates very pleasant effects of design.
In addition to the characteristics listed above, we must not forget all the advantages of the electronic taps used in public spaces, such as energy saving, water saving and especially hygienic use.