With Idral, reliable and easy-to-use sanitary ware



Over the years, Idral has developed expertise and specialization in the field of taps and sanitary ware. A sector that is not easy to manage because it requires particular attention, if not more, in the design of devices that are used several times a day and which must guarantee safety, reliability and resistance.

Sanitary ware

Sanitary ware, taps and accessories for public and commercial spaces, even if aesthetically similar, have little in common with regular sanitary ware. The latter in fact are designed according to criteria of efficiency and design, while everything that revolves around the world of public restrooms must comply with strict criteria of reliability and functionality. Features that have a significant impact on the industrialization of the product and consequently require designing the production process, as well as the product.

Design and reliability are the keys to success for Idral sanitary accessories

Idral has always been chosen and recognized as a leader in this type of products, so much so that its range now goes from washbasins to toilets, from grab bars to bathroom accessories. These products are divided according to the end users: there are products designed for children, those for seniors and finally products for people with low mobility.

Then there is another aspect that makes Idral a company specialized and recognized in the production of taps and sanitary ware: attention to the aesthetic side.

The design and industrialization of the sanitary ware are substantially different from its standard counterpart, but this is not a reason to forget this aspect.

In Idral, on the contrary, we manufacture products for specific targets while preserving the precise idea of ​​making the bathroom an environment that is always comfortable and welcoming. Therefore, while respecting the criteria given by the particularity of the product, we offer products with a refined and pleasant design.

All of our washbasins, toilets, and aids are designed to ensure maximum accessibility and facilitate the experience for all users of public and private bathrooms, and we pay particular attention to people who have specific needs due to mobility restrictions.

Sanitary facilities for seniors designed to preserve independence

In designing sanitary ware for the elderly, Idral always has a main goal: to ensure that they can maintain their independence for as long as possible. A necessity that easily translates into quality of life. For this reason, Idral designs sanitary ware for seniors focusing on specific aspects, such as the problems that the elderly often have with their joints and backs.

Children’s sanitary ware, more safety and functionality

Designing the bathroom for the little ones means paying attention to safety and accessibility. There is therefore an important aspect linked to the size and functionality. But there is also an aspect related to hygiene and safety, that in Idral we take into consideration with particular commitment and attention. Besides, the cheerful and colorful products make the bathroom environment pleasant and carefree.

Simple and pleasant design: this is how accessibility is taken care of

Sanitary ware for people with low mobility represents yet another challenge in the design of sinks, toilets and showers. The simplicity in accessing certain objects or devices has become anything but obvious and requires a completely different study and design. This kind of sanitary ware must therefore be of easy access, and always reliable, but also we believe it must take into consideration the aesthetic component of the environment, remaining dignified and comfortable.

In addition to all this, the sanitary ware must be designed as a whole to ensure that the person who uses it always has the necessary space to be able to move around the room, without any risk.