The benefits of confort for parents with young children on holiday



Some advice if you are looking for a “family frindly facilities”

Are you a family, a single mom or dad, a parent with a low cost budget? Or do you want to submerge yourself in nature and wear bathing suits and slippers 24 hours during your vacation? Camping is the ideal choice. But choosing it well is essential to really rest.
And if your idea of vacation is total relaxation, you need to choose a camping that welcomes you and offers you all the comforts needed to take advantage of your holiday together with your children. That means without any architectural barrier that can be overwhelming for the little guests. Today there are many solutions to spend a nice time that is a true vacation and not a tiresome job, thanks to tourist facilities that welcome their “mini” guests and equip the public areas with an adequate level of comfort. And where does a parent need to find comfort not to run out of resources, finding himself on the edge of a nervous breakdown? IN THE BATHROOM! Who has one, two, three or more little children knows something about it!
Idral found out about this opportunity by listening to the requests and needs of one of its customers, a large campsite on Lake Maggiore (Italy). Idral provided the KIDS line products for the bathrooms. These items are designed for young guests and the range includes everything that helps turning the bathroom into a comfortable space, easy to use for either the kids or their parents.
Small size ceramic washbasins, toilets at the right height and colorful toilet seats make this environment pleasant; self-closing showers easy to open, with pre-mixed temperature water prevent burns or unnecessary waste and allow the child to shower by him-self, while the parent takes care of the other children or is also taking the shower.
Idral also provided the colorful, fun, non-toxic painted taps, with limited water delivery at 6lt per minute and anti-scald lock, both with infrared and manual control.
Idral KIDS line items are not only functional elements of the bathrom, but they also have an educational function and provide an experience for the whole family, allowing the child to acquire independence safely and helping the parent to save energy and spend a wonderful camping holiday.
Today these solutions for areas dedicated to children are spreading throughout Italy and have been present in many Northern European countries for several decades.
Adequate reception measures for small guests are adopted not only in campsites but also in shopping centers, rest areas, airports, beaches and in tourist facilities.