Thermostatic taps for school restrooms

Product features, benefits and best practices for schools.

The thermostatic mixer is a safe, easy-to-use and economical product and it should never be missing in a well-designed bathroom.


The major advantage of a thermostatic mixer is its ability to maintain a constant water temperature throughout its use. The key component that enables this is the thermostatic cartridge, which properly blends hot and cold water to deliver water at the preset temperature. Another benefit of the thermostatic mixer is its immediate response to any changes in pressure (such as when someone opens a tap in another room) or incoming water temperature. If the tap is closed (for example, to shampoo your hair), upon reopening, the thermostatic mixer will provide water at the same temperature as before the closure.

Safety and water saving

The most important feature of a thermostatic mixer is undoubtedly its protection against the risk of accidental scalding. In fact, if the supply of cold water fails, the thermostatic valve would automatically shut off.

The water and energy-saving factor is also significant and should not be overlooked. Often, the main reason for choosing a thermostatic mixer is the water waste reduction while searching for a comfortable temperature. At the same time, this also helps the boiler maintain a steady flow, resulting in lower gas or electricity consumption and subsequent cost savings.

Benefits for schools: security and lighter bills

The requirements for bathrooms in school buildings are very strict. Taps must be safe for all users and also prevent both accidental and intentional resource waste.

As we have seen, setting the temperature using a thermostatic valve provides maximum protection against scalding.

This feature is especially important for school bathrooms, where students are not always under adult supervision.

Furthermore, fluctuations in water pressure (caused by the simultaneous opening and closing of multiple taps) are instantly compensated for by the efficient thermostatic cartridge.

Wide range of solutions for schools.

At Idral, we have a wide range of thermostatic solutions that are ideal for schools: progressive thermostatic taps, wall-mounted thermostatic taps, and unique options such as timed thermostatic mixers. These timed mixers allow for control over water shut-off and temperature. By pressing the button, the timed mixers dispense water for the preset duration and automatically stop the flow, while the thermostatic system maintains the water temperature. The low water consumption has a positive long-term effect on operating costs. Here are some suggestions for schools:

Barbara Kohlreiter

Export Coordinator