How to transform the bathroom into a safe place with Idral aids for the elderly



In Italy, but not only, the population tends to grow older year after year as a consequence of the low rate of new births, which lead the percentage of elderly to increase constantly. According to ISTAT, in 2019, people over the age of 65 were 13.8 million, increasing 2.5% compared to the previous data of 2009, when the seniors were 12 million and represented 20.3% of the Italian population (source ISTAT).

The bathroom can turn into a dangerous place without the right aids for elderly

Therefore, more and more elderly people live at home alone looking for the independence they are entitled to. This trend is absolutely positive, but it is crucial to take into consideration the risks that a home can represent to a person with low mobility. The bathroom is perhaps the most treacherous environment due to the presence of water and objects with sharp corners. There are many situations when a senior or person with reduced mobility is at home alone, perhaps in the bathroom, facing some challenge. Maybe, it is just some difficulty to stand up, or to get out of the bathtub, or to get out of the shower without slipping. Furthermore, the elderly sometime refuse to use specific aids and grab rails, because suddenly they see a familiar and intimate environment transformed in something aseptic and cold.

How to fix it by securing the bathroom

There is a solution to this problem: equipping the bathroom with the right aids, which can put the senior at ease. Idral is specialized in sanitary wares and aids for the elderly, which can make an intimate moment such as the shower, safer and more enjoyable. A grab rail to lean on when standing up, or a seat to get comfortable in the shower, can make a big difference, because they increase the functionality of the bathroom and add a considerable level of safety. The same idea applies to the aids for the shower, or the grab bars to stand up more easily from the toilet. These aids ensure that the elderly can count on a safe grip in case of need.

An important aspect: the ability to improve the quality of life

The aids for the elderly are ideal for hospitals and nursing homes, but they are increasingly installed in private homes because they make life more comfortable and peaceful even in the bathroom.

Idral sanitary aids are designed and manufactured to be strong, and they are made keeping in mind their purpose: safety above all. The grab rails are modern and pleasant. As well as the seats and support bars.

Therefore, an environment such as the bathroom can be safe and cozy, allowing the elderly to continue to maintain their independence and a high quality of life.